Silvio Scandalli foto storica
from 1990
Orchestra Scandalli

In the early 1900s, Silvio Scandalli started to produce accordions in a small workshop with the help of his family.


The small workshop had developed little by little to become an important company which now employed over 700 workers.


This year was marked by major new perspectives to respond to the emerging markets. The company Scandalli made a merger with the companies Frontalini and Settimio Soprani, developing into FARFISA (Fabbriche Riunite Fisamoniche), that within a short time, became a world leading company in the production of musical instruments.


During the early 1950s, Silvio Scandalli started an ambitious project. Using the company’s best technicians, he created an accordion model of unparalleled quality, which in a short time became the dream of all great accordionists: the Scandalli Super VI. Even today, the Scandalli Super VI continues to be an unsurpassed example of musical instrument quality.


In 1984, FARFISA ceased as multi-product company and the brand Scandalli, after some years of collaboration with Comus-Bontempi, under the direction of Mirco Patarini, Luciano and Leonardo Menghini, returned to its roots as a high quality, accordion only manufacturer.

Mirco Patarini
Luciano Menghini
musica e artigianato
The Scandalli Company has always regarded the accordion, along with all musical instruments, as the means for the artist’s self-expression.
For this reason, the entire team has always been extremely attentive to the advice, new ideas, and impressions and feelings of musicians and professors.
Our highly qualified and skilled staff, driven by passion, are constantly working on the sound richness, precision and handling of the instruments in order to fulfill in the best way each artist’s wish.
During our history of over 120 years, many small and remarkable ideas have contributed to create the legendary Scandalli quality.
Leonardo Menghini
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