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Non servono parole per descrivere l’artigianalità e la minuziosa cura del nostro lavoro per cogliere la professionalità e la competenza dei nostri artigiani; ammira queste immagini e lasciati trasportare dalla magia del “Made in Scandalli”.

Scandalli accordions come from the vision and experience of a musician, for musicians, and this is combined with the daily commitment of our passionate technical staff; which is what makes our instruments so special.
More than hundred years of history, tradition, and manufacturing experience have allowed us to develop innovative solutions in order to improve our instruments in sound quality and performance, all while considering the evolution in the taste of our musicians.
All Scandalli accordions have universally recognized features in order to be considered as the most advanced and suitable concert instruments; especially the sensitive and expressive sound, balanced throughout the extraordinary dynamic range.
Our converter instruments have also been created with the support of teachers and musicians who collaborate with us offering their high-level knowledge.
During the creation of our instruments the most important aspects we take into consideration are.

an accurate choice of woods and reeds

Our wooden cases must be able to preserve the power and roundness of the air that is solicited by the reeds, converting it into sound waves that spread in the surrounding air.
The selected wood must respond in a balanced way, absorbing or reflecting the vibrations correctly and optimizing the sound waves.
The wooden case is made up of various layers of light, but robust wood, able to support the stability of the instrument without affecting the weight: the accordion is an instrument that must be “worn” therefore weight is a vital aspect.
The internal parts are made in mahogany and fir, which gives our instruments an unmistakable sound.
Even the wood of the reeds-blocks plays a fundamental role: it must perfectly stick to the bottom of the case so that the instrument does not lose its stability, and so it does not disperse air and lessen the sound.
As the heart of the instrument, the choice of the reeds is very important. They can be made of various materials depending on the model; while we continuously test and experiment to improve performance. For our specialized concert instruments, in addition to the handmade finishing, the experience and talent of our tuner is essential: after the instrument is completed, each reed must be ‘retuned’ to optimize the frequency, attack and precision of the note.

the magic touch and its response



The right-hand keyboard is built and calibrated to provide the accordionist with a lightning fast touch reaction, and a ‘quick return’ of the key, without vibrations that would alter the sound. The weight of the buttons can however be customized on demand.
Our work combined with the use of the best materials ensure that this feeling remains stable long term. However, over the years it is recommended to have the keyboard checked in order to bring it back to its original state.

the mechanical minutia


The mechanics of the left-hand, especially in instruments with a converter, are very complex. Our technicians do the mechanical work manually, with the perfection that only long-experienced craftsmen can achieve. The calibration of the springs ensures they are light and silent, allowing the musician to play with the correct pressure and avoid excessive fatigue of the left hand. However, we can never consider the meticulous work in the construction of the bass mechanics to be complete, our technicians are adding daily to their research and development aimed at improving the final result.

the pursuit of perfection


Scandalli accordions are continuously improved:
Each screw, joint, gluing or construction detail is carefully considered in order to reach all possible improvements.
You can always improve each aspect such as the supply of materials and components, glues and paints, work processes, construction and assembly, final adjustments, tests and inspections, methods of packaging, transportation and shipping.
It is a path towards perfection that affects everything and everyone in the company. And by conscious choice this will never end.

an accordion masterpiece


linea tradizione - Scandalli Accordions

The legend of the Super VI model summarizes the evolution of Scandalli quality, and generally of the accordion industry. This product is the result of intelligence, intuition, passion and dedication, and its excellent quality is still guaranteed today by the choice of materials and by our careful attention to even the smallest details.
This model is still so strong and present on the market today that it has become the emblem of the Scandalli brand worldwide.