Dettaglio blasone linea AIR
Dettaglio scritta linea AIR

Air Junior C

The Air Line is synonymous with modern design and development.
The models of this line are a step forward, compact, light, dynamic and ergonomic. The Air Line is the outcome of extensive development; in which the ancient and unmistakable Scandalli sound has been combined with new innovative, aggressive and modern design.
The versatility of this line is also suitable to every kind of customization, from weird painting, folk decorations to total black “look”.

Buttons 67(5) Range Sol/Sol
Notes 37 Registers 9
Reeds 4 Chin Registers NO
on demand


Bass 96 Registers
Reeds 4


Cassotto NO
Reeds Quality SD


SIZE (cm) axbxc
38 x 18,5 x 41 8,8