The Conservatorio line are free bass instruments.
These models, in constant development, represent the meeting point between the artisans knowledge and skills and the latest technological developments to fulfil the needs of professional musicians.
The models of this line are elegant and refined, complex from the mechanical and technical point of view but more and more manageable. Over time this line has been significantly improved; maintaining the high technical complexity yet reducing as much as possible, weight and size while retaining harmonics.
These latest innovations have led to the creation of the Extreme Plus, an unequalled instrument in its category. This model presents a substantial feature, unique in the Scandalli catalogue: all reed tongues are installed on a single plates of aluminium instead of traditional single reeds. This creates a sound of great power and sensitivity with a wide dynamic range and a perfect balance between the different parts of the accordion.

Buttons 107(5) Range Mi/Sol
Notes 64 Registers 15
Reeds 4 Chin Registers 8


Bass 120 Free Bass
Registers 2 Range Mi/Do#
Reeds 4 Free Bass Reeds


Cassotto YES
Reeds Quality A Plus


SIZE (cm) axbxc
46 x 23 x 47 15