Super VI Extreme

The Tradizione Line includes timeless models that preserve untouched their original style. The Tradizione models are synonymous with the Scandalli brand all over the world; especially the Super VI Extreme. Now as then, the Super VI Extreme presents the same technical features and the highest quality standard, which have made this instrument unique in the world. Every single detail has been carefully taken care of and the sound: powerful and full of shades, is formed from the highest quality reeds installed with screws directly to the wood.

Buttons NO Range Fa/La
Notes 41 Registers 11+M
Reeds 4 Chin Registers NO
on demand


Bass 120 Registers
Reeds 5


Cassotto YES
Reeds Quality A
SIZE (cm) axbxc
48,5 x 19,5 x 44 11,9