AIR I - Scandalli Accordions

Tierra 37

The Tierra line is characterized by the charming wood effect look that gives us soft and elegant veins. The Accordions of Tierra line, 34 or 37 keys without CASSOTTO, are available in two different finishes.
The Olive root: a set of twisted and twisted wood fibers, which give the wood the appearance of its characteristic hardness and compactness, made noble by its multiple light brown, dark brown, black and pink veins that are always different but elegant and refined.
Ziricote, an hard wood with particular decorative veins with a very lively structure. Its medium brown to dark brown shades appear to advance and grow through black rings mixed together. Today considered a rare and particular wood, it gives to Tierra models a unique elegance… a modern elegance.

Buttons NO Range Fa/Fa
Notes 37 Registers 11
Reeds 4 Chin Registers NO
on demand


Bass 96 Registers
Reeds 5


Cassotto NO
Reeds Quality SD



SIZE (cm) axbxc
42,5 x 19 x 41 9,5