INTENSE 37 NOCE - Scandalli Accordions

Intense 37 Wallnut

Intense 37

The Intense line represents the elegance, finesse and the essence of natural woods. All instruments in this line are completely made and finished in “harmonic wood”.
The sound without artifices comes out soft and warm, it seems to be palpable.
A line for the dreamers, the romantics and also for those people who look for the natural beauty in simplicity.
Available in different kinds of wood like mahogany, walnut and maple: to show the different nuances in the case surface and in the sound, which is the enchanting enduring magic of wood.

Buttons NO Range Fa/Fa
Notes 37 Registers 11+M
Reeds 4 Chin Registers NO
on demand


Bass 120 Registers
Reeds 5


Cassotto YES
Reeds Quality H


SIZE (cm) axbxc
42,5 x 19 x 43 9,9